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2 Free Adult Diapers

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2 Free Adult Diapers


2 Free Adult Diapers

Added 21st Mar 2016
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Unfortunately this offer has now ended. If it becomes available again then simply enter your email address below and we'll notify you. Alternatively, check out the similar and related items further down the page.

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Claim a free sample which contains 2 free disposable adult diapers. Samples are limited to the Continental United States only. Only 2 sample requests per household. Diaper Samples take a minimum of 10 business days to receive. Samples ship at postal post.

When did this offer expire?

We marked this offer as expired on 31st Aug 2019 because we were made aware that the link was broken, the offer wasn't working, or that the promotion had ran out. You can sign up to be notified if this offer reappears but in the mean time, check out more Baby freebies to find something similar.

2 Free Adult Diapers

All comments (15)


Keith Johnson

15th Nov 2017 9:39am

I would like 2 free dippers samples


David A Partin Jr

18th Oct 2017 8:09am

There great



9th Oct 2017 6:23am

I would like to sample your diapers please i wear a large! Thank you!



31st Aug 2017 12:55am

FreeSample of adult diaper xg large please


todd Anderson

11th Jan 2018 8:18pm

No comment



24th Aug 2016 11:34pm

diapers please


Katniss Davis

16th Jul 2019 11:14pm

I was not able to request my free diapers. There was no form on the page. If you can possibly help me, I wear a medium! Thank you sooo much!!!


Jonathan Trayer

20th Jul 2017 3:11am

Never seen the form to fill out



27th Jun 2017 1:48pm

it says Fill out the form below and you will receive your Sample (2 pack of diapers). but there is no form below only directed to the list of diapers to buy????


C Seaford

16th Sep 2016 1:35pm

thank you



6th Sep 2016 3:41pm

Need now wear start diaper



11th Aug 2016 2:02am

Would like to try them. Medium size please


joel anthony compton

17th Jul 2016 7:06am

I need adult diapers.....


Jonathan van zeller

11th May 2016 4:05pm

Sample of adults diapers please


Jonathan van zeller

2nd May 2016 12:10pm

Free sample of adults diapers please

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