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Free Cake Tasting

Choose any 2 cakes from Slender Treats collection and expect to receive your delivery within 3 working days. There is a large selection to choose from and it means you get tasty, quality cake for free. Even better, you can choose any 2 that you want!

The selection includes:

Foxy Carrot Loaf
Charming Chocolate Muffin
Happy Berry Muffin
Lovely Lemon Cake
Dark Jam Brownie
Bonny Banana Bread
Cutie Coconut Macaroon
Jam Delight Shortbread
Black & Jam Delight Shortbread
Fruit Basket Tart
Pretty Fruity Traybake
Slender Swill Rolls
Slender Chocolate Swiss Roll
Lovely Lemon Loaf
Foxy Carrot Cake
Dreamy Coconut Cake

This freebie may only be available in the United Kingdom. Residents of Ireland should read any small print on the third-party website before applying. It may be available to other regions, but you should check first.

How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the green Claim Freebie button to get Free Cake Tasting and we'll open the offer in a new tab for you. Once you've used the offer why not comment below on whether it worked, if there was an issue (so we can update the offer) and even when you receive the product or service. It's always great to get positive feedback. If you loved it then why not share it with your friends too!

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