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Free OceanSpray Wholeberry Cranberry or Mixed Berry Juice

Choose between a free carton of OceanSpray's Wholeberry Cranberry Juice or Mixed Berry Juice with this promotion. To claim your refund, purchase a promotional carton of Ocean Spray® Wholeberry™ Cranberry or Mixed Berry with a neck tag displaying the words ‘Try Me For Free’ between 21.08.2017 and 02.10.2017. Simply enter your details below and follow the steps to upload your receipt and receive your refund. Note: This requires an initial purchase but follow the instructions on the website after clicking 'Claim Freebie' to get your refund. Alternatively, visit the OceanSpray promotion to be taken to that form.

This freebie may only be available in the United Kingdom. Residents of Ireland should read any small print on the third-party website before applying. It may be available to other regions, but you should check first.

How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the green Claim Freebie button to get Free OceanSpray Wholeberry Cranberry or Mixed Berry Juice and we'll open the offer in a new tab for you. Once you've used the offer why not comment below on whether it worked, if there was an issue (so we can update the offer) and even when you receive the product or service. It's always great to get positive feedback. If you loved it then why not share it with your friends too!

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