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Free Protein Samples and Supplements

Protein and supplement products can actually be quite expensive. You go to the gym and you want to aid muscle growth so you head to the links of Maximuscle, MyProtein and even Amazon to get the best possible prices on the formulas that work best for you. But did you know you could be saving a whole lot of money each week/month just by using the various freebies and free protein samples that are available?

Occasionally large companies will give out free samples of their range of products and accessories. We've seen lots come and go through Freebie Supermarket from protein shakes, muscle building formulas, free protein bars, drink shakers and lots more. At any one time there are a whole host of free products and items waiting to be claimed!

How do I get free protein samples?

You're already in the right place. Be sure to register your interest to the Freebie Supermarket newsletter to receive these freebies direct to your email inbox each week. In addition, we have a specialised free health samples category just for free stuff related to being healthy, vitamins and general gym based products. You can follow that every day too as we're constantly on the look out for new products and offers that are available.

What free protein samples are available?

Freebie Supermarket already have a number of fantastic protein freebies available and one of the more popular ones include a 250g sample of protein that comes in the form of 8 seperate shakes. Provided by Bulk Powders, this free protein has probed to be popular mostly amongst new gym goers looking to improve muscle growth. It comes in 6 different delicious flavours that include vanilla, banana, chocolate, chocolate cookies and strawberry.

They're labelled by Bulk Powders themselves as being Europe's best value Whey Protein that is sourced from grass fed cows. It is low in fat and carbohydrates whilst also being rich in BCAA.

To claim this one you can use the link below and just add the product (once you've chosen your preferred flavour) to your shopping basket. You'll notice straight away that the price associated is £0.00 - making it the perfect freebie for gym lovers and protein drinkers alike.

Did any of these freebies not work for you? Let us know in the comments below so that we can quickly change any of the listings.