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We are calling on the UK public to nominate their 'tightest' friend to be considered for a six month 'freebie quality checker' job role, for which both the nominee would earn £500 each month, alongside freebies to review.

The job role would entail reviewing the site's selection of freebies. wants to ensure that its freebies are the best online, so if one isn’t deemed as a quality freebie by the frugal freebie checker, it will be removed and replaced by another.

In return, the quality checker will receive at least ten different freebies every month, ranging from Gillette razors to Goodfellas pizzas. The job role is for six months, with a salary of £500 per month. The nominating party will also receive at least ten freebies each month, and the ability to say that their friend is so tight, they've been nationally recognised for it!

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