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Freebie Supermarket is one of the UK's first marketplaces for freebies, samples and other cool free stuff. We started out with the idea of bringing together the general consumer with interests in various product ranges with the retailers who needed customer to try out their samples. It's a simple concept that benefits both the consumer and the retailer. That's how Freebie Supermarket was born. We scour the internet every day to form new partnerships and to fill the website with new and exciting freebies.

Not only are we amongst the top freebie sites in the UK, we're also expanding into other regions. We don't concentrate solely on free samples and product ranges, we also aim to save our consumers money. We do this in many ways and Freebie Supermarket is amongst the core of that. We work very closely with the retailers that you'll see on Freebie Supermarket and in return they provide us with money-saving voucher codes, free samples for our users and much more.

Thanks, The Freebie Supermarket Team.