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Free Samples By Mail

There's hundreds of websites on the internet that offer free stuff. People love free stuff. You've quite often found yourself browsing the net, looking in papers or stumbling upon juicy free samples and instantly looking into it. You have to remember that sometimes when things sound too good to be true, they probably are. This is why we set up Freebie Supermarket, to manually vet the content and freebies that we promote to ensure the consumer does in fact get what they've been advertised.

Free samples by mail is an effective and commonly use marketing tactic by many freebie websites and suppliers. You should always check the small print as to what happens to the data you provide. Many ask for telephone numbers and email addresses so that they can specifically target you with new offers, company promotions and future freebies and samples. Generally, this can be fine. But you must check that small print to ensure your data isn't being sold on to companies that you haven't given consent to as that's when you can start getting spammed either by email, telephone or in the post.

How do I get free samples by mail?

Quite simply the majority of freebies and samples promoted on Freebie Supermarket will be sent to your home address. This does mean that you will have to register your postal information. Be careful to read the small print on every free sample website that you're entering your details on. We do our very best to ensure the promotions we list are genuine but they can sometimes lie, so be sure you're happy before entering. Also, a lot of these services offer opt-out so be sure to click stop when if you're no longer interested in their promotions.

What sorts of free samples can I get by mail?

Take a look at the list below. Anything which is an online free sample, such as e-books and PDFs, will be listed. Anything that requires a payment will also be listed. We even have a small charge category specifically to distinguish these free samples with anything else. Some freebies may be trial based whereby you're required to enter payment details in case you do prefer to continue with the offer. The majority, if not all, will contain an optional method to opt-out before any payment is made so be sure to utilise that where possible.

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