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Welcome to Freebie Supermarket - the home of the UK's best freebies, free samples and lots of other cool free stuff. We have a team of experts searching the internet for the best possible free stuff for you to get sent to your door. These include baby freebies, competitions and other fantastic free samples.

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Last updated: 24th Nov 2017 8:42pm

Free Maryland Thins
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Supermarket Freebies

Free Maryland Thins

Get a free 128g pack of either milk & dark chocolate cookies or salted caramel cookies from Maryland Thins at Sainsbury's.


Added 22nd Nov 2017

Birchall Tea Free Sample
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Food & Drink

Birchall Tea Free Sample

Pick a choice of flavours from Great Rift, Virunga Earl Grey, Green Tea, Peppermint, Red Berry & Flower, Camomile, and Lemongrass & Ginger.

Added 22nd Nov 2017



Freebie Supermarket

7th Oct 2016 9:35am

Hi Pat,

We've updated the link so it should be working again now. Sorry about that.



7th Oct 2016 9:08am

Didn't work

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Become a product tester of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
5 used today

Product Testing

Become a product tester of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Become a product tester today and receive a free Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, with free delivery, for you to test, review and keep.

Added 22nd Nov 2017




9th Oct 2017 1:15am

yeeeeer harrrrr!


Dale D

28th Jan 2017 7:45am

We currently have the Dyson Cyclone (The model prior to the Dyson Ball being released). So I have a considerable amount of experience with this company's product. If given the opportunity, I would absolutely love to test out the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball if you find it in your hearts to allow my wife and I to be lucky enough to give the new product a go! We love our current dyson, and could just imagine how much more impressive this one potentially is.

(715-587-7736) feel free to call if you prefer to talk over the phone VS email. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

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100 Free Nectar Points
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100 Free Nectar Points

You can claim 100 additional Nectar points for free by filling in your insurance renewal dates onto the Sainsbury's website.

Added 15th Nov 2017

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Free exclusive voucher codes
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Groceries & Shopping

Free exclusive voucher codes

Download and install the free Pouch voucher code toolbar to gain access to 1000s of free voucher codes without the effort of searching for them.

Added 3rd Nov 2017

Review Costa Coffee and get a £100 Gift Card
2 used today

Product Testing

Review Costa Coffee and get a £100 Gift Card

Become a coffee taster by reviewing Costa’s own brew and in return claim a £100 Gift Card to spend in store.

Added 11th Nov 2017

1 Comment


Jackie Thomas

11th Nov 2017 7:19pm

I would love to be chosen as a reviewer for you. I could meet up with daughter in law and her new born daughter take picture with not drawing attention to our selves as .
Thank you

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